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IPRC KITABI, the center of conservational trainings.


From October 12th —12th December 2018, in AKAGERA National Park took place the training called “UNARMED RANGER COMBAT TRAINING” which intended to enhance basic field technical and tactical skills for park rangers from Volcanoes, Nyungwe and Akagera National Parks.

Assistant instructors

The training was prepared by IPRC KITABI through its department of Wildlife management in partnership with Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and brought together 266 rangers in six intakes. The training objectives were to deliver a combat platform that integrates skills & attitude; maintain combat realism, simplicity & effectiveness; deliver fitness program focusing on flexibility, core strength, aerobic endurance & explosive power; identify, develop & empower select instructor cadre in each park.

Rangers were given various skills on self-defense to build and sustain a future ranger combat team that can prevent all illegal activities in the national parks as they are responsible for ensuring that the parks’ integrity is preserved, and that visitors to the park are safe and    happy.

Training practicals on how to arrest poachers.

In his views, SEBANANI Jean a ranger from Volcanoes national park said: “ Since we started, I found it good even if some of us are  not capable of doing everything but they try to manage it as they can. The lessons were about to defend ourselves and the national parks as we are rangers. They taught us how to capture a suspect using arms and weapons when necessary.

After all the skills and Technics that trainees got, they were given a field for them to prove that they are capable of fighting against the enemy and defend themselves using different Technics. 2 rangers were facing each other based on their working place, height and weight. The winner between the two had to join the next level, that way to the final. The battle was to find out “ THE KING OF THE RING” and the winner was a ranger from Nyungwe national park.

Kicking and boxing tactics

On 12th December 2018, it was a pass-out day and trainees were taken through tests in order to evaluate them. The bests appeared in the demo.
in his speech, the Principal of IPRC KITABI, Richard NASASIRA reminded the rangers that they are to keep practicing what they learnt.
“The skills that you have been given need to always be practiced, that way of punching if you leave it here, for sure after few days you will have forgotten all. So, it requires you to keep doing it because where there is a need there is a way.” He said.

Mr. Richard NASASIRA/Principal IPRC KITABI

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