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IPRC KITABI unveils its peculiar image among other IPRCs during an exhibition at the launch of Rwanda Coding Academy


On 22nd February 2019, IPRC KITABI and other colleges of Rwanda Polytechnic gathered at NYABIHU in the launch of Rwanda Coding Academy and NYABIHU TVET School that was officially commenced by an exhibition.

IPRC KITABI students.

During that exhibition, each college was given a stand to exhibit and present what they have as innovations. It is in this case that IPRC KITABI exposed what it has through its conservational programs like Wildlife Management, Wildlife Tourism, Forest Resources Management and its short courses which was unique as the remaining colleges seemed to display customary things.

Different sightseers were passing by IPRC KITABI’s stand with inquisitiveness of knowing what the college does as they were considerately watching some materials that the college had and wanted to know how to use some of them. Those tools were binoculars, telescope, GPS, measuring and recording equipment for conducting surveys as our stand was looking fine.

The exhibition was a platform for IPRC KITABI and Rwanda Polytechnic colleges in general to present what they do through their academic programs and let the public be aware of them.

The Rwanda Coding Academy was officially inaugurated by Hon. Minister of education Dr. MUTIMURA Eugene and Hon. Minister of ICT and Innovations INGABIRE Paula.  

“Rwanda Coding Academy opened its doors for the first time earlier this month starting with 60 students in total including 30 girls and 30 boys, who were among the top performers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects in last year’s O’ Level National Exams,” reads a statement from the education ministry.

Half of the software instructors will reside at school while the others will be coming from the industry sector (local and regional software companies) to allow students to learn from practical software development projects, according to the ministry of education.

Rwanda Coding Academy comes to respond to the recommendations of the “Rwanda Digital Talent Policy” as approved by the Cabinet in April 2018.

The coding academy will specialize in the fields of software programming, embedded systems and cyber security, according to officials.

Rwanda Coding Academy building.
Officials, from Left: Director General of REB, Minister of Education, Minister of ICT and Innovations, Mayor of NYABIHU district, Representative of Suiss Cooperation, Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic and The Director General of WDA.

“we tried to give an opportunity to the best performers in O’ Level National Examination and we put in consideration gender where 30 students are girls and 30 are boys.” Minister of Education stated.

The Minister for ICT and Innovation Paula Ingabire said that there is a plan of establishing a coding school in every province and in city of Kigali as to increase the mass of software engineers.

Dr. James Gashumba, the Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic announced that the school will contribute to the development for the country and help young Rwandans to compete on labor market.

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