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The Ministry of Youth through TVET Youth Challenge recommends IPRC KITABI students to intent on what should improve the community’s livelihood


On Friday 14th June 2019, the TVET Youth Challenge was set a seal on the final selection at IPRC KITABI where the winners were honored with capital seeds by the Ministry of Youth.

MC introduces the event

The pitching day gathered more than 300 attendees, where the 6 preselected innovative projects had to be judged and select only 3 that will continue to the national level TVET Youth Challenge.

Tharcisse NSANZIMANA, the Director of capacity building at National Youth Council said: “…, you as students and youth in general you still have the opportunity to change the Rwandan community’s livelihood through creating something which is fruitful to you and for the surrounding community

NSANZIMANA who was a delegate from the Ministry of Youth in this event added that the Ministry of Youth has organizing the TVET Youth Challenge to instill entrepreneurship spirit among students and support promising projects as well as connecting practical studies acquired in solving problems in our communities at the same time modernize community lives.

We suggest that you prepare your projects before reaching out. You still have time to think on what to do in order to print it out when you leave the school life. There is no need to wait for the future, start now and profit each occasion like this one of TVET Youth Challenge and something.”-Principal of IPRC KITABI announced.

UZABAKIRIHO Jean Claude, a student at IPRC KITABI in Level 1-Forest Resource Management was crowned a winner of the TVET Youth Challenge at school level with his project titled: “Eucalyptus Grandis Multiplication.” The second was TWAHIRWA Leonard with the project called “Added-Value Bee Hive Products Manufacturing.” And the third one was a young girl called MUSABYIMANA Chantal with a project named “Reeling Fish On Top Of The Hill By Building Pons.”

During the competition, top three projects were awarded the capital seed of 500,000Rwf for the winning project, 300,000Rwf for the second and 200,000Rwf for the third project per each institution. The top three students on the school level will participate in the TVET Youth Challenge at National level, where they will benefit from a Boot Camp to equip them with training that will help to improve their projects, enrich their level of business management and alignment of their innovative projects with Challenges in order to improve the quality of community’s livelihood.

At the national level, top 10 winners will go home with cash prizes ranging from 5 million to 1 million Rwandan francs to boost their businesses among other benefits.

One of the contestants presenting his project
IPRC KITABI Staff members
UZABAKIRIHO Jean Claude, the Winner of TVET Youth Challenge at IPRC KITABI

UZABAKIRIHO Jean Claude, the Winner of TVET Youth Challenge at IPRC KITABI was awarded by the PRINCIPAL/IPRC KITABI (Right) and MINIYOUTH Delegate (Left).
TWAHIRWA Leonard, the second being awarded by Nyungwe Chief Park Warden.
MUSABYIMANA Chantal, the third being awarded by the jury president
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