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IPRC KITABI Basketball team smacks Nyamagabe Basketball Team in a tightly contested friendly game.


Today, 18th December 2019 around 4 p.m, the IPRC KITABI Basketball team defeated Nyamagabe Basketball team in a friendly game that took place at IPRC KITABI basketball ground and the aim of this game was to uplift the college’s relationship with its public especially the one around the college.

It has been found that sport is a vehicle that can raise the college’s image, enhance friendship between employees, students, the college and its public, strengthen the communication among employees and create a fun way to create healthier and conducive environment at work place which is in the line with IPRC KITABI commitment of improving sport culture among staff and students to ensure the well-being of its employees and students. 

Both teams posing for a game picture.

The above commitment made the college to play a friendly game in basketball on this 18th December 2019 against Nyamagabe Basketball team where the two sides faced this afternoon at IPRC KITABI playground. The game was really attractive as both teams were thirsty to get a win.

IPRC KITABI Basketball team

In the first quarter, the visiting team was leading the game with 8 points of different, but later at the end of the second quarter of the first half the home team made a comeback to equalise with their against where IPRC KITABI used back-to-back counter attacks to raise their score and the 1st half ended with a draw of 21-21.

In the third quarter, the away team (Nyamagabe Basketball team) changed their tactics from man to man defending strategy to zone defending tactic at the aid of their some very young players of 20s which was successful as they ended the 3rd quarter with 32 to 30 of the home team.

players battling for a ball.

 IPRC KITABI Basketball team strived to come back in the last quarter, 4th one of the game with the help of supporters who were so many, where most of them were senior managers, staff and students. There was a change to new tactics of defending man to man and offend with speedy counter attacks. The new tactic became fruitful to the home team with a lot of 3 point throws and the game finally ended with the IPRC KITABI’s team win of 46 to 39 of Nyamagabe Basketball team.

After the game, players and fans had to shake in hand for a fair play and were directed to Green Solutions-Kitabi Bar (GSK) for a friendly reception. IPRC KITABI staff and students team shared drinks with the visiting team. During the gathering, visitors and IPRC KITABI staff and students had time to introduce and exchange experiences and build networking.

Nyamagabe Basketball team

The Ag. corporate Services Division Manager, Mr. Richard KAMPAYANA who was at the reception, he delivered a closing remarks by thanking the visiting team for their initiative and reminding players and staff that the collaboration will continue and that IPRC KITABI team will visit them for the second leg to enhance that good relationship.

 He stated: “Very soon, our playing court will be renovated to host more games. Our staff and students should improve and maintain sport culture to ensure the well-being, strong and sustainable relationship among employees and students.”

The leading captain of Nyamagabe Basketball team, Mr. Claude deeply thanked everyone who was around and added that his team will recognise how they were well received with kindness and the away team promised their rivals to receive same treatment in the 2nd leg that is to take place at Nyamagabe town.

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