The campaign against crimes and drugs abuse in general, was taken place to Kitabi college located in Nyamagabe District on Thursday, March 15, 2018 where students and the management of KCCEM took initiative to fight against drugs abuse and crimes such as abortion, corruption and unwanted pregnancy that mostly negatively affect the Rwandan Youth. This campaign was jointly organized by the RNP-Nyamagabe station and the management of the college.

Due to the fact that crimes and drug abuse still being rated high among the youth including students, Rwanda National Police is actively involved in teaching the young generation on the negative effects of abusing illicit drugs and the legal repercussions involved.  

In his remark, the AIP Daniel NIYIBIZI appealed to KCCEM students to break the chain of supply. He stated “… as educated people, you should be the champion in fighting against the drug abuse and crimes caused by them. You have to be the good examples in your surrounding community. Join hands with the police through sharing information on time where you suspect these crimes”.

AIP Daniel NIYIBIZI, Speaking to the participants at KCCEM college.

Furthermore, AIP Mr. Daniel NIYIBIZI helped the students to create the Anti-Crime Club in the KCCEM and the students had a time to vote their Executive Committee which will help them to get together and facilitate them to have the required training against crimes.

As it is granted in the penal code book of Rwanda, signed in June 12, 2012 and renewed after, criminal codes like abortion, drugs, and unwanted pregnancy is a big challenge for youth of Rwanda. Hence, it is an everyone responsibility to fight against it to build fruitful young generation.

The principal of Kitabi college, Richard NASASIRA speaking to the audience

Eventually, The principal of Kitabi college, Richard NASASIRA, vowed to take on the mantle against crimes and drug abuse in and around the college, and appealed to students to work with police to promote safety and security in the country. 

Leaders and Anti-Crime Club
Written and edited by PRO-IPRC Kitabi
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