Posted by on August 1, 2016

The Kitabi College of Conservation and Environmental Management (KCCEM) is a regional training College, operating under Rwanda Development Board (RDB). The college was established by the board of ORTPN in 2006 with a mandate to build capacity in conservation, tourism and environmental management in Rwanda and the wider Albertine Rift Region. The objective behind the establishment of KCCEM is in line with Development Goals and the Rwanda Vision 2020.
Through the College, Rwanda aims at developing human resources with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to manage its wealth of environmental assets and handle challenges facing the environment such as land degradation, ecosystem degradation and human-wildlife conflicts and hence, contribute to sustainable development and securing the livelihoods of its people.
The KCCEM is currently the only institution in Rwanda to offer this kind of training. The College provides the facilities and training programmes for organisations such as Rwanda Development Board (Tourism and Conservation) and the Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA), decentralized structures and other government agencies and conservation NGOs as well as Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in Rwanda. The College aims to play a wider regional role, by developing and delivering training packages for the Albertine Rift countries, in particular Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Currently, KCCEM hosts non-academic programmes, conferences, workshops and retreats as well as internships, which are important sources of income for the KCCEM. Paying guests (often under-graduate research groups from international universities) are also accommodated depending on availability of accommodation. Furthermore, KCCEM is considering hosting research activities being conducted in Nyungwe National Park and that can be linked to the educational programmes at the College.